yay for earth challenge II: 5 days of v/gf meals

Hello everyone!  So excited to announce round two of the #yayforearthchallenge, a 5 day v/gf meal plan put on by me and fellow fire sign sister Stevie @stevieyaaaay!  Head over to the first meal plan HERE to get more of a background!  We are so excited to put forth this free community offering and hope that you will join us.  We will be cooking along each night in our IG story and would love to see you do the same!  Tag #yayforearthchallenge so we can all see and get inspired by each other.  Starts Monday 9/10!

-Please feel free to substitute when needed to make it accessible and fit right for you.  We’ve added notes next to certain ingredients so that you can get the right amount for you depending on how many people are eating with you.
-Meals include: alfredo pasta with lentil meatballs, greek salad bowl with falafels and tzatziki, butternut soup with spicy roasted chickpeas + arugula salad, red lentil coconut curry, and a spiced roasted sweet potato +black bean bowl.  
-Extras include dark chocolate granola with vanilla nice cream +an any day zucchini blueberry smoothie.  
-Recipes and photos will be posted 9/16 Friday.  Thank you for being a part of this!  We so look forward to seeing your cooking and variations.
-5-8 bananas (for dessert and smoothies)
-blueberries (for smoothies)
-1 medium apple, any type except a tart green one
-1 medium zucchini (for every 2 people eating)
-4 medium sweet potatoes (1 for every person eating)
-1x 2 lb butternut or other orange fleshed sweet winter squash like kabocha
-1 jalapeño
-3-4 medium cucumbers (about 1 for each person)
-2 carrots
-1 medium cabbage
-6 cups spinach or other type of green (about 1.5 cups for each person)
-1 large handful arugula for every person eating
-3 avocados (if for 1 person, 1 is fine.  If for 2 people, you’ll need 2.  For 4 people, 3.)
-3 limes
-3 lemons
-½ – 1 cup mushrooms for each person(shiitake/chanterelles/your choice)
-2 tomatoes 
-2 red onions (1 medium + 1 small)
-2 yellow onions (1 medium + 1 large)
-1 small red bell pepper
seasonings and herbs:
-fresh parsley
-fresh cilantro
-fresh dill 
-fresh basil
-1 large head garlic
-2.5 inch chunk of fresh ginger
-medium curry powder
-crushed red pepper flakes
legumes, grains, and seeds:
-1 cup brown lentils
-3/4 cup red lentils
-2 cups gluten free oats
-1 cup hemp seeds
-½ cup sunflower seeds
-1/2 cup pumpkin seeds(2 tablespoons for every person eating)
-1 box brown rice pasta (or your favorite kind in bulk! I love the Jovial brand if I can’t find bulk) 
-3 cans chickpeas (save the chickpea juice too! (aquafaba))+ this equates to 2.25 cups dried if you’re making your own from scratch
-2 cans black beans(1/2 can for every person eating) + this equates to 1.5 cups dried if you’re cooking your own
-optional: Flax seeds or vegan protein powder for the smoothie
-optional: 2 cups dried basmati or other long grain rice, to make the curried lentil dish heartier- 1/2-1/3 cup dried per person.
-1 jar of tahini
-1 small bottle cooking white wine (you’ll need ¼ cup)
-olive oil
-2 cans full fat coconut milk
-grapeseed oil or avocado oil (or any high smoke point oil)
-coconut aminos or tamari or soy sauce( your preference)
-nutritional yeast
-1x 14.5 oz can crushed tomatoes (or add 4 fresh roma tomatoes to your produce list)
-2 cups broth(either DIY or better than bouillon brand comes in a glass jar)
-cornstarch or arrowroot powder
dessert ingredients:
-1 cup gf oats
-maple syrup or brown sugar
-vanilla extract + almond extract
-½ cup cocoa powder
-½ cup chocolate chips
-olive oil or coconut oil
-1 can of coconut milk (or any other nut milk and you can make your own HERE)
-optional: Dried cherries, pecans or walnuts

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