package free: baby wipes

baby wipe solutionToday I have not a recipe for food, but for a diaper wipe solution.  A friend recently asked me about this topic and I thought I’d share here too.  No nasty chemicals are needed on your precious babes gentle areas!  Just this last year there have been of outbreaks of severe contact dermatitis from all the harsh chemicals they put in baby wipes even though they are touted as “gentle”.  Even the natural/organic wipes still have preservatives in them that can irritate sensitive skin and cause allergies, like citric acid.

We used double sided flannel wipes from Green Mountain Baby and loved them (also where I got my cloth diapers from-they are a great company)  This saved so many diapers,wipes and plastic from going in the landfill because they are all washable and reusable.  Plus, the wipe solution kept Vincent’s diaper area from getting a lot of rashes and sped up healing of any irritations.  It is gentle, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, thanks to amazing essential oils from lavender and tea tree.  They are also EXTREMELY inexpensive.  Just mix up:

1.5c water

3T jojoba oil

3-4 drops tea tree oil

5-6 drops lavender oil

optional: 1 tsp of dr bronners unscented liquid soap

We put it in a small spray bottle and also kept a squeeze bottle of water handy to moisten the wipes (the one they sent home with us from the hospital!  For perineal cleansing)  Whenever we needed to change the diaper, we moistened the wipe with water, then spritzed the spray directly on the diaper area.  Wipe off with clean wipe and done!  If there is messy poop, just use some toilet paper first to preclean the area.  We didnt have a lot of issues with that because we started elimination communication with Vincent when he was two months old.  No more poopy diapers from then on, save for a handful of accidents along the way.

The solution will seperate like in the below photo so make sure to shake it well before each use.

wipe solution

For diaper rashes we used coconut oil mixed with calendula oil.  Coconut is soothing and anti fungal/antibacterial while calendula assists in skin healing.

The power of plants is amazing!

Much Love,


naughty baby