Four 10 minute or less healthy, delicious breakfasts (vegan, gluten free)

So many people tell me they skip breakfast mostly because they don’t have time.  Some people also seem to think that if they skip breakfast they will lose weight.  Not sure where that one came from… This is a shame because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and its so delicious.  I think especially if you are going to school all day or staying at home with kids, a breakfast is needed to help you focus and keep your energy levels high. These are my go to breakfasts when I need something fast and they are what I eat for breakfast 90% of the time.  AND they are all little child-approved (a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old)

1.  FRUIT!


Fresh whole ripe raw fruit is THE simplest and best thing you can eat for breakfast.  Loaded with anti-aging antioxidants, hydration, and simple carbs your body needs+craves, fruit is the perfect fuel to start your day.  Fruit also requires very little energy to digest, allowing your to use that energy for better things such as healing itself and helping you think!  DONT BE AFRAID OF THE SUGAR IN FRUIT.  The human body is designed to run on simple sugars!  Every single cell in your body NEEDS it in order to function.  Everything gets broken down to a simple sugar anyway!  /end rant.  Apples, *bananas, persimmons, grapes, and oranges are all great grab and go fruits.  Or take a few minutes and chop up some mango or melon.  Pair with some nuts or coconut yogurt if you feel like you need more.

*ALSO: people seem to think bananas are constipating.  This is because they are eating them while yellow.  Bananas are ripe when the have little black spots and NO green on the tip.  If you eat them unripe it will hurt your digestion.


Kind of an extension of fruit, but…most days I make smoothies.  They are just so easy and fast.  Minimal cleanup (I usually end up drinking right out of the blender ha.  sue me!) and super healthy.  You can make them in 5 minutes, pour in a cup and be out the door.  My favorite way is to juice up 8 or so oranges right into my blender (with a manual citrus juicer) and then pull out whatever fruit is in my freezer (organic frozen fruit is super cheap at Costco) and thrown in a few handfuls, then blend.  Favorite combos include:


3-4c OJ + 1-2c mango + 1 vanilla bean or 1t vanilla extract


3c OJ + 1C frozen raspberries



1 banana + 1c coconut water (or reg water or almond milk) +2c greens+ 1c mango

  • CHOCOLATE THICKSHAKE (so bomb.  better than a dairy ice cream shake)


2 frozen nanas + 2T cocoa powder + 2c almond or coco milk + 1T almond butter + 1t vanilla extract + 2 medjool dates (optional) + tiny pinch salt (optional)


If you havent made chia pudding yet you NEED to.  Seriously, it is so so good.  Creamy and hits the spot for a sweet craving.  Chia seeds are great for you!  They are brimming with omega-3s (way more than salmon), fiber, calcium (3x as much as milk), are easy to digest. Make a batch the night before and it’ll be ready for you in the morning.  Grab and go!


3T chia seeds + 1c non dairy milk + sweetener of choice to taste + 1t vanilla extract

I usually whiz my almond milk in the blender with 2 dates and a vanilla bean till its completely smooth, then pour into a mason jar.  Add the chia seeds and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE (dancing may or may not be going on during this step) Make sure that you shake very well otherwise your chia will clump and be all gross and weird.  By the way, if this happens, you can always dump the whole thing back in the blender and blend till smooth.  You can add whatever else you want of course…like…cinnamon, chocolate, coconut, cardamom, berries, etc..whatever you desire!  I like to top with cinnamon so it tastes like rice pudding.

Chocolate chia pudding, blended:


yes, yes it is a delicious chocolate party in your mouth.


Oatmeal cooks up in about 5 minutes, is cheap, hot, and filling, and is the perfect vehicle for toppings.  I heart it!  I buy a huge bag of quick cooking steel-cut oats from Costco for $8.  I keep it in the freezer and it lasts me about 6 months.  I top with frozen berries, ground flax for omegas, a little sprinkle of raw sugar, sprinkle of cinnamon and a pinch of salt.  The kids love it too.  If you get bored there are millions of recipes of baked oatmeal, overnight oatmeal, apple pie oatmeal, crockpot oatmeal…you get the picture.

So there you have it kids!  Please for the love of God please start getting something good in you in the morning.  If I sound like your mom, it’s because I am one 😉

Love, A.